Frozen's Queen Elsa visits 5-year-old at South Bend Memorial


Queen Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" made a stop at Memorial Hospital in South Bend.

"I had a special request to come see you today," said Queen Elsa.

Five-year-old Mylah Bryant stared at her with big bug eyes.

Mylah was diagnosed with aplastic anemia; a condition that weakens her immune system.

"It's hard to tell a 5-year-old we can't be around a lot of people because you might get sick," said Mylah's dad Matthew.

A simple common cold could make Mylah violently ill.

"It's been a roller-coaster from the beginning," said Mylah's mom Ashley.

It started when Mylah's parents' noticed bruising on her body.

"It was simple bruising," said Ashley. "Every kid has them."

They took Mylah to the doctor who told her she had a condition with a dangerously low amount of platelets in her blood.

"We have to come here at least once a week just to keep her platelets maintained," said Ashley. "They are dropping a considerable amount now."

But today's visit from Queen Elsa was just what Mylah needed.

"We kind of look alike, you and me," said Queen Elsa to Mylah.

All the hospital workers know that Mylah loves "Frozen."

"They asked what she wanted to be called and she said Queen Elsa," said Matthew. "After they check her in by her name they call her Queen Elsa."

Mylah says she loves going to the hospital because she gets to do crafts.

"Do we have to go home already?" she asked.

Mylah must undergo platelet transfusions while doctor's search to figure out the cause of her condition.

Mylah's parents say it is likely she'll undergo a bone marrow transplant.

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