Goshen Fire Department goes door-to-door to give out smoke detectors

The Goshen Fire Department and the Red Cross team up to hand out smoke detectors. // WSBT 22 photo

Goshen firefighters surprised people in one neighborhood. They went door-to-door Thursday offering free smoke detectors and installation. Many people were not expecting this, and it was a pleasant surprise for a few people.

A lot of them gladly welcomed the help. The area they visited was a low-income neighborhood, and some people were in desperate need of detectors.

Goshen Fire Department Capt. Steffan Schrock says they frequently respond to fire at homes that don't have smoke detectors.

"Quite often frankly, we'll go to structure fires and whether they may not have smoke detectors or if they do have smoke detectors the batteries have been removed from the smoke detectors," Schrock said.

Douglas Miller has lived in his home in Goshen for nearly 20 years. He says he wasn't expecting to see the firefighters and Red Cross in his neighborhood, but he's sure happy he did.

Miller says he definitely needed a smoke detector upstairs by his bedroom.

"I'd like to thank the Red Cross and the firemen for coming by and doing it. It's a good program. A lot of people just don't buy them. I've been putting that off forever, and part of it is money, and now it's solved," Miller said.

Firefighters say having a smoke detector can help save lives. While the life span of some detectors is on average 10 years, they recommend checking changing the batteries every year.

"We provide a community service, and fire departments across the nation do more than just respond to emergencies. We participate in programs like this, and there's lot of behind the scene work of what we do,” Schrock said.

This isn't the first time the Red Cross and Goshen Fire teamed up. They installed 80 smoke detectors a few months ago and helped more than 100 people.

Thursday, they were armed with 90 more smoke detectors, and they say they will continue to help in the future.

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