Healthy Community Initiative in South Bend closes its doors over controversy


For more than 15 years the organization Healthy Community Initiative has been serving those in need in South Bend.

Tonight, the non-profit is closing its doors over what some are saying is a big controversy.

A source claims an employee at Healthy Community Initiative in downtown South Bend misused a massive amount of money and that's what forced the non-profit to go under.

We contacted Board President Tim Williams who told us he could neither confirm or deny the claims of an employee misusing funds.

Williams said "the board is dealing with internal issues."

They are in the process of closing down the office at the Chamber of Commerce location.

The non-profit helps women who are pregnant with no resources, recovering addicts and those recently released from jail.

Williams told us that the Access To Recovery program will continue, but moved to the Dissmus house.

The counselor will not be able to take new clients, but will continue to provide addiction treatment and support services for the current patients.

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