HIV positive man charged after spreading it to multiple women

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A Marshall county man accused of spreading HIV to multiple women was sentenced Thursday.

Travis Spoor was charged with three counts of malicious mischief. He plead guilty to all three counts.

Spoor received the maximum sentencing that he could. He'll serve three years behind bars and three years on probation.

He is also facing the same charges in Marshall and Allen County, too.

According to court documents, he was dating multiple women between 2013 and now.

All of those women say they saw him taking medication but he never said it was for HIV.

Spoor's defense attorney, David Kolbe, says he is very apologetic for his actions.

The only thing the defense team could do was to enter a plea deal.

"There was no defense to the actions by Travis to engage in sexual intercourse with a number of females without advising that he was HIV positive,” said Kolbe.

Kolbe says Spoor had to accept full responsibility for his actions.

Kolbe also represents him in the case against him in Marshall County.

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