Hotel bookings lag for last home football game


Instead of selling out days or weeks in advance, most local hotels still have vacancies for Notre Dame's last home football game.

According to the South Bend-Mishawaka Visitors Bureau, only 8 out of the 33 local hotels listed are booked for Friday and Saturday. Others have a handful of vacancies, but a few still have a long way to go.

Baymont Inn & Suites, for example, has about 100 rooms open this weekend, almost two-thirds of the entire hotel.

"The last home football game is always just the slowest," said Lindsey Talboom, spokesperson for the visitors bureau. "And I would say that mainly factors into the time of year, it's around the holidays, so people are already traveling for those reasons."

The weather forecast isn't helping, either, with Saturday's temperatures forecast to be in the mid-20s and a chance of lake effect snow during the game.

But, Talboom added, the vacancies have been filling quickly in the last few weeks.

Microtel on South Dixie Way still has a handful of rooms open: nine for Friday, five for Saturday. It doesn't sound like that many, but during earlier games -- like against Oklahoma and USC -- the hotel sold out months before game day weekend.

"For a high-demand game, before we even get a chance to get the rooms opened up, they're sold," said Nikki Molter, general manager of Microtel. "They go very quickly. We're already selling rooms for next year."

In fact, Microtel is already sold out for the first few games of the 2013-14 football season.

Molter said she's not concerned about this weekend's profits, but wants to end the season on a high note.

"Hopefully we can finish off by selling these last few rooms that we have and top out the final game with a smiley," she said.

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