Police offer advice following 40-vehicle crash in Van Buren County

Photo provided by viewer David Blasy

Blowing snow and icy conditions caused several highway pile-ups over the weekend.

Police say at least 40 vehicles were caught in this weekend's crash on I-94 in Van Buren County.

Michigan State Police are offering advice to drivers on how to avoid getting caught up in a wreck.

“We ask that drivers stay in their vehicles, stay seatbelted in because your vehicle affords you so much more protection than if you're outside of your car,” said Sgt. Chris Hayward. “It takes a while to clear that up and people are often left in their vehicles for quite some time until we can get things cleared out and cleaned up.”

Officials say drivers should bring extra blankets, food and water if they're traveling.

Make sure to keep track of mile markers along the road.

Knowing exactly where you are can help emergency responders find you in case of a slide off or crash.

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