'I Love Lucy': Injured LaGrange dog gets a second chance

Lucy // WSBT 22

A brave dog that survived a horrific accident is now happy, healthy, and in her forever home.

Lucy the dog beat the odds.

About two and a half months ago we brought you the story of a good Samaritan in LaGrange who found Lucy along the side of the road with two severed legs.

She was trying to stay alive. Now, she's recovered, has a new mom, and is ready to take on the world.

The staff at King's Veterinary Clinic didn't know if Lucy would make it but they wanted to give her a fighting chance. Thanks to donations from the community, her survival became a reality.

"We have a community that's caring. That wants to see an animal that has special abilities to live and too prosper, and to have a home and have a life,” said Sue Keenan with Ark Animal Sanctuary.

The "I Love Lucy" fund was started to pay for her medical needs and a new prosthetic leg-- which doesn't quite fit and another one is being made.

In the meantime, Lucy is happy with the way she is.

"At this point in time she's not super pleased to wear it because she does so well on two legs but we like having that option if she should ever get sore or has problem in the future once she gets older,” said Veterinarian, Dr. Krystle King.

Dr. King has officially adopted Lucy. The pair bonded from day one. Now she has a fur-brother she gets to play with every day.

"In the world today with so much going on that's negative I think it's really great to have something positive like this come out of what could have been a really bad situation, and just to see the community pull together. Animals bring people together, I think, on a daily basis," said Dr. King.

Ark Animal Sanctuary have been there since the beginning. It raised money to contribute to the fund so that other animals like Lucy can have a happy outcome.

"Whenever you see an animal that looks like it's in distress, as Lucy was along the side of the road, I have no idea who that person was but he or she needs to be commended because they took the next step. They called Ark, and Ark responded and that's why we have Lucy,” said Keenan.

The "I Love Lucy" fund raised about $10,000. Some of the money will go toward Ark Animal Sanctuary in LaGrange.

The rest of the proceeds will be used for clients at King's that don't have the means for emergency vet care.

Dr. King wants to get Lucy certified as a comfort dog or have her work with a programs like the Wounded Warrior Project.

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