'I wasn't trying to hurt anybody' -- extradition process begins for captured convict


A convicted killer who escaped a Michigan prison and abducted a woman could spend up to 30 days in LaPorte County while both states work through the extradition process.

Initial proceedings were interrupted today when the court got word that Michigan was sending an administrative warrant - extradition papers. Michael David Elliot is refusing to be extradited, however.

The judge had already set bail at $1 million because Elliot is a flight risk. But with the initiation of the extradition process, that bail decision was struck. As of right now, no bail is set.

Elliot could remain in LaPorte County jail for up to 30 days while officials there wait for a warrant from the governor of Michigan. The judge said Michigan officials told them they would get the documents to Michigan's governor quickly, and then it has to go to Indiana's governor.

As Elliot left the courtroom he said "I wasn't trying to hurt anybody, I just wanted a second chance."

When asked how he broke out, he said "quick thinking."

The escape

Elliot broke out of a maximum security prison near Grand Rapids Sunday night and was captured by LaPorte County police last night after an 80 mph chase that lasted about five minutes.Police say this final chapter of his run started about 5:30 central time when he stole a car from Aero Metals in LaPorte.The owner just happened to see him driving away and immediately called police.They were quickly on the scene and chased the car without knowing it was Elliot.Officers used stop-sticks and captured him near Rolling Prairie after he crashed into a snow-bank."He surrendered," said Sheriff Mike Mollenhauer. "He didn't have much of a choice. There were enough officers that were on him right away to take him into custody"

Police believe Elliot stole a total of four cars in fewer than 24 hours, including an SUV he carjacked. He held the woman driver hostage in the drive from Ionia County to Middlebury where she escaped when they stopped for gas.

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That carjacked SUV was then found ditched in Shipshewana hours before this final chase in LaPorte.Elliot was serving a life sentence for killing four people in Michigan and burning down their house in 1993.

The woman he carjacked wasn't hurt.

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