Inmates injured in Westville prison riot


A section of the Westville Correctional Facility is under a partial lockdown following a riot Monday involving 100 or so inmates that resulted in many injuries.

Prison spokeswoman Sharon Hawk said about a dozen offenders were hurt in the uprising, and all but two of the inmates were treated for their injuries at the prison.

The inmates taken to an outside facility for treatment have since returned.

Hawk said the disruption occurred in the general services area of the low to medium security prison.

She said rival gang members were involved in the altercation, which started with just a few inmates at the facility that houses more than 3,000 offenders.

Hawk said more fights started breaking out, and that's when prison security moved in to get things under control "in just a minimum amount of time."

No prison staff members were injured, Hawk said.

She said there were no knives involved in the fighting that she is aware of, but some of the offenders were swinging "a lock in a sock."

Every inmate is issued a padlock to keep secure a box that's also issued to offenders for storing belongings.

Injuries consisted of "bumps, bruises, cuts and scratches," she said.

Hawk said criminal charges are not anticipated, but some form of in-house disciplinary action is more than likely against at least some of the offenders involved in the altercation.

What led to the riot is still being investigated, but rival gangs were involved.

"We deal with a lot of the same things on the street, and they bring some of the gang issues into the prison," Hawk said.