It's allergy season, but simple steps can stymie your suffering

It's allergy season, but simple steps can stymie your suffering. // WSBT photo

Spring is in the air and so are outdoor allergens. Respiratory problems for an estimated 50 million people get worse this time of the year.

Some experts say the earlier you treat your symptoms the better. Experts told WSBT 22 people often wait until they actually see trees blooming before thinking about allergies. Often it's too late since respiratory problems are initially caused by pollen and dust in the air.

A doctor can best identify what you're allergic to with a test. That will often determine treatment.

Some experts say you can take an antihistamine by mouth or in a nasal spray if you're sneezing or itching. Steroids can help reduce all symptoms and even block allergic reactions, but there are some remedies you can do at home, at no cost.

"Making sure when you're driving outside, keep your windows rolled up. Making sure you stay inside when the pollen counts are high as much as possible. Use your air conditioner more often than pulling your windows down," said South Bend Clinic Allergist Dr. Sohaib Aleem. “And then also making sure when you come back home from work or exercise, take a shower to reduce the pollen count on your body.”

Aleem told WSBT 22 that last tip is so that you won't contaminate your bedding when you go to sleep.

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