Jimtown High School students mourn the loss of one of their own

Jimtown High School Student Killed in Car Crash // WSBT 22

Students at Jimtown High School are recovering from a loss tonight.

A three-car wreck at County Road 36 and State Road 19 claimed the life of junior Breckin Hamby. Two other students and a former student in the same car were also injured.

The vehicle was headed east on 36 crossing State Road 19. Another car headed south on 19 hit the back end of the teens' Toyota Camry. That car drifted and sideswiped a third vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle wasn't able to stop and hit the Camry on the passenger side.

Now, the community is trying to come together and support each other after this terrible loss.

"We are a system -- and a caring and sincere system -- that just really reaches out and grabs hold of each other and really embraces each other in a time of need," says Principal Jeff Ziegler.

Today there was certainly a need.

Principal Scott Kovatch met Breckin when he was in third grade. Kovatch says Breckin liked music and earned the nickname "wheels" while playing little league baseball.

"From what I gathered, he was a pretty good baseball player, but he just couldn't get out of the batter's box as quick as some of the others," Kovatch says with a grin.

But Kovatch says what he really remembers about Breckin is his infectious smile.

"He was the kind of kid that when you came up and interacted with him, even if maybe you might be upset with him, you just couldn't be," Kovatch says.

The entire school is trying to find ways to deal with that loss. His classmates have turned Breckin's locker into a memorial.

"The kids have been coming by and putting little messages to Breckin, and they're absolutely beautiful," Kovatch says.

There are other forms of relief for students and faculty. Ziegler and Kovatch brought in counselors from Ryan's Place, pastors from the area and guidance counselors from the district.

"Hopefully we're touching the individuals that are seeking and needing that support, and we're going to continue that through tomorrow as well for anybody who is not here," says Ziegler.

Both principals agree this hardship shows the strength of the community.

"Tragedy has a tendency of drawing people close," says Ziegler.

"Life does go on, even though it's hard to see that right now," adds Kovatch.

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