LaPorte County Fair searching some bags this year


Some things are different this year at the LaPorte County Fair after a breach of security last year.

You may remember three teens got in trouble after one of them used a backpack to try and bring an explosive device onto the fairgrounds.

Now, some bags are being checked at the LaPorte County Fair.

The general manager of the fair says it's the first time they've done this.

He knows some people may view it as an inconvenience but fair staff would rather be safe than sorry.

When you enter the LaPorte County fairgrounds you're greeted by a sign with rules like no backpacks or coolers.

This year if you have another type of bag security may ask to search it.

Gene Schurte says, "We've decided with the conditions around the world right today that we've got to be a little bit more cautious."

Purses aren't subject to a search but diaper bags, containers with infant formula or medical supplies and other bags will be.

He says, "We're not going to run them through a machine or anything. We're just going to quick look at them."

Annalee Weliver had her bag searched.

She was at the LaPorte County Fair with her grandkids.

She doesn't mind if security looks in her bag.

She says, "She just asked me nicely if she could search my bag and I said yes you may. Then I opened it for her and she looked and she was very pleasant."

The general manager of the fair says they are taking other precautions as well.

For starters, there will be a couple extra security guards this year.

Police will be making rounds and could ask to search a bag if they see something suspicious and there could even be a bomb sniffing dog.

Weliver says, "I travel so I know the routine of them searching bags. I'd rather have them do it and be safe than something terrible happen."

The general manager of the fair says searching bags will likely happen every year from now on.

Schurte says, "I don't think our world is ever going to go back to the way it's been before 9/11. Each year we're getting progressively where you have to be more on alert and more on the defensive."

The general manager hopes this will deter people who might be thinking about bringing in a weapon or other things.

The LaPorte County Fair continues tomorrow and runs through Saturday the 12th.

For more information on the fair use the link below.