LaPorte County Jail Looking to Buy Full Body Scanner


The LaPorte County Sheriff's Department wants to scan inmates more thoroughly to prevent drug smuggling into its jail.

This after a female inmate died last month from an overdose.

Police tell us someone brought those drugs into the jail. And they don't know who.

Investigators believe several inmates were witnesses but they aren't cooperating with police.

Captain Mike Kellems says when an inmate comes into the jail they are searched.

Except for two body cavity areas. Only a jail physician and a local hospital can look at those two areas.

The department is looking to use a full body scan for the jail. That would detect hidden objects.

On average, there are 300 inmates at the jail. Kellems says this new device can help prevent future issues.

"We absolutely feel bad for the Roberts family. and any other jail death that we've ever had. We take our safety and security of our inmates very seriously. We don't want to see that happen,” said Kellems.

"If you've got something own up to it. Maybe they'll slap you on the wrist. Don't have stuff on you, secondly. And third, if you're going to scan the inmates scan the guards,” said Robert Horner.

The Sheriff's Department will pay for the scanner.

At this point they don't know how much it will cost.

The LaPorte County Council will have to approve the scanner.

The department is hoping to have the machine as soon as possible.

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