LaPorte Police investigate nude roof-jumpers


LaPorte Police are investigating a report of a naked man chasing a woman in her nightgown on the rooftops downtown, Thursday morning.

The experience was hair raising for Daniels' Barber Shop Owner, Gary Hyatte, who heard what he described as ''thumping'' or ''thunder'' from the roof of his barber shop. He says when he went outside at 8 a.m. he didn't expect to see people up there.

''She had on a blue nightgown with like white swans or something on it. He was right behind her naked,'' said Hyatte. ''That was really bizarre.”

Hyatte said the woman was holding what appeared to be a bottle of vodka or gin and the man following her was asking her to ''come back.''

He said both of them made the two-foot jump between each building during their journey on three rooftops.

LaPorte Police Officer Scott Aftowski said there could have been some type of domestic dispute between the couple.

When he and Officer Rondall Clark arrived, Aftowski said the man and woman were heading inside the second floor apartment window they had come out of.

Aftowski said they knocked on the doors of the two upstairs apartments but nobody answered.

They are still working on confirming the identities of the man and woman to decide whether to pursue charges of Class C misdemeanor public nudity.

''We have to get ahold of the building owner and see who is on the lease,'' said Aftowski.

Hyatte said he called the police before any damage was done to his roof.

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