Local businesses fear fallout from Notre Dame academic fraud probe


The academic fraud investigation into four Notre Dame football players has created a lot of question marks when it comes to the impact it will have on the team's ability to win.

And a winning team makes all the difference to local businesses when it comes to making money on those home game weekends.

Natalie Kline manages Brothers on Eddy Street, a hot spot for Notre Dame football fans.

"It's the most exciting time of the year for us," Kline says. "Our business triples just for the fans that come into town."

Notre Dame Football brings in between $10-18 million to the local economy, in just one home game weekend.

The more the team wins at home, the more money local businesses make. But when the team loses, fans and visitors show up less and spend less.

And now, before the season has even started, four key players are out of practice and games until further notice.

Steve Szaday at Bruno's pizza in downtown South Bend also hopes fallout from the academic fraud investigation won't keep the team from winning .

"Everybody knows if they're winning more people come in," Szaday says. "If they're not doing so well or this is a blight on their reputation, then it'll be a little thinner."

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