Local girl starts scoliosis support group


June is Scoliosis awareness month. It's a curvature of the spine affecting people all around the world.

And one local teen is using her story to help others suffering right in our area. She started a support group.

It's for girls with scoliosis. Being a teen can already be hard enough with body image issues, puberty, add scoliosis to the mix, and that can take a toll.

That's one of the reasons why 13-year-old Serenity Seigel decided to bring a chapter of Curvy Girls Scoliosis to Michiana.

With her scoliosis she's forced to wear a back brace 18 hours a day under her clothes.

Serenity first went to a Curvy Girls meeting in Marion, Ind. There they had open conversations about the disease and gave each other advice and guidance.

Serenity found this extremely valuable, inspiring her to bring a chapter here.

"Made me feel really good because a lot of times I try and talk to my friends about it, but they just don't get the complete experience of it. So they don't know completely what I'm going through, but then when I could talk to the other girls who knew exactly what I was going through it was really cool because they weren't just like, when I talk to my mom because she tries to understand but she doesn't get it completely whereas they know exactly what's happening," Seigel said.

The group meets once a month, and if you're interested you can head over to the website,

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