Local government connection found in data breach of cheating website


It's a site designed for married spouses to meet others and engage in secret relationships.

An anonymous group leaked thousands of email addresses, and five of those, belonged to city employees in Mishawaka and South Bend.

Friday, both cities launched an investigation into the matter.

What's not clear is if Ashley Madison verifies every e-mail that's submitted on the site. Meaning, some of those emails may not be authentic. Ashley Madison did not respond when WSBT 22 reached out to them.

Both South Bend and Mishawaka acknowledge they have policies about computer usage on the job. South Bend spokesperson Kara Kelly says, "The City is looking into this matter, but cannot comment on personal issues."

South Bend's employee handbook says "creating, viewing or displaying materials that might adversely or negatively reflect upon the City or be contrary to the City's best interests" are forbidden. The HR Director for Mishawaka says using a government-issued e-mail during city work hours and/or on city property for personal use is against policy.

Several other e-mails were linked to taxpayer-funded entities, including the Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Correction, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, and the Attorney General's office.

There also appear to be fake e-mail addresses. It's important to note that just because an email was listed in the data breach, doesn't mean that's who set up the account. Some could have simply used that name.