Local man putting South Bend on the map using social media

A local man is using a camera to put South Bend on the map. He's gaining quite the following on social media, posting photos and videos of the city some of us call home.

South Bend's Jacob Titus quit his job and created West SB, which is a business and website that tells South Bend stories using photography and Instagram.

Each photograph telling a story about a city that was once dying.

“I also think if you look at someone doing the work that I'm doing, I can't do the work I'm doing in a dying city," said Titus. "Because people clearly care enough that I'm able to do what I do for my living, which I couldn't if South Bend was just a boring dying city with no stories to tell.

Through his business and social media, Titus is showing his passion for the city he came back to after college.

"I never wanted to come back to South Bend, and had made many plans to move to a much larger city when I left college, but I've come back. It's been a complete 180 simply because I've got to know people."

Each photo caption is a story of people, just like you and me.

"I just been a lot of time getting to know people and I think, for me, if I just live my life going around the city frequenting businesses that I like, getting to know people in those businesses and stuff. Living that life that way that my work will just naturally take on an honest look at the city."

His journey is taking him to look at South Bend from a different lens.

"South Bend story is a story of a typical Rust Belt city in many ways, but I think at this point we're Rust Belt city that's taking an honest look at ourselves and speaking truthfully about that. So I think for me I always want to speak hopefully about the city."


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