Local pools see attendance drop from cooler than normal temps


Some local pools are in the deep end after a not so hot summer.

Many report lower than normal attendance numbers.

"There have been some cold days," said Assistant Supervisor for South Bend Parks Amy Roush.

Customers were upset with the cooler than normal temperatures and the heavy storms earlier this summer.

"We can't do too much when it's thunderstorming," said customer Tiana Chapman.

Customer Nyree Murray agrees.

"I haven't got in a pool in a long time because the weather has been bad this year," said Murray.

Potawatomi pool in South Bend was closed for three-days during the storms in early July.

"There was no electricity," said Roush. "We had to make sure all the levels, the chlorine, the acid were correct before we could open it up again."

Roush said attendance suffered during the July Fourth weekend because the park surrounding the pool was closed.

"Potawatomi Park was hit very hard by the storm," said Roush.

One director says this year isn't looking to be anywhere close to a record-breaking year.

"We aren't quite to the big numbers when we had the drought summer," said Director of Aquatics Bradleah Mick. "Attendance was definitely higher then."

But they are trying to stay optimistic.

"People have realized we do live in the Midwest and the weather can be a little unpredictable," said Roush.

Mick says despite the bad weather, kids will always be the best customers.

"Fortunately we get a lot of kids here and kids aren't as picky about the weather as adults are," said Mick.