Local shelter working to find hundreds of greyhounds homes after track ends dog races


A greyhound rescue is working to find homes for hundreds of dogs now that a race track in Alabama is eliminating its live dog races in favor of simulated races.

American Greyhound is looking for foster homes -- people who are willing to take in retired race dogs anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Mobile Greyhound Park in Mobile, Alabama announced last week it was shutting down its live dog races. Meaning its 400 dogs will need to be moved to a new racetrack or find homes.

At 3 years old, Duffy the dog is retiring from racing.

"He was a grade B racer so he wasn't that good but he wasn't that bad," says Stephanie Jones, the the foster coordinator for American Greyhound.

Duffy is one of the dogs from Mobile that is being sent to a foster home.

"He is a pretty chill dog," says Jones.

The track is ending the live dog races on August 19.

"So what we are asking is the community to help us bring them back to Indiana and Illinois and foster them," says Jones. "That is what I'm here for is to find foster homes. We need them desperately for all these dogs."

Jones and her family have fostered countless greyhounds who've left behind the race track for a more normal life.

"They are super funny. They have an amazing personality. They do really silly things," says Jones, "they do a thing called roaching. They will lay on their back and stick all their feet in their air and they will sleep like that with their tongue hanging out."

Jones say Greyhounds are loving family dogs that deserve a relaxing life in retirement.

"I think that is like what we as a family love the most about fostering, is seeing the transition from athlete to house dog. Which is what they deserve. They deserve to have a home. They have raced and they are tired and they deserve to learn what it's like to be a house dog," says Jones.

Duffy is learning. He still has the hair loss and marks of a race dog but will soon know what its like to be in a loving family.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, you can go here:

You don't need a fenced-in yard. In fact, greyhounds are one of the best breeds for apartment dwellers.

American Greyhound provides a kennel and pays for vet bills.

All you have to do is get them to their vet appointments and provide lots of love.

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