Man injured in South Bend arrest is in 'good condition,' says hospital


New information about the man investigators say got hurt when an officer tried to arrest him.

We've learned Tom Stevens is listed in "good condition," according to hospital officials.

Earlier this week, Officer Aaron Knepper tried to pull over 55-year-old Stevens for a traffic stop on Sunnymede and Twyckenham.

Police say Stevens did not pull over and continued to drive to his home and then got out of his car.That's when Stevens' mom says he was brutally attacked by the officer.Police arrested both Tom Stevens and his mom, Suzanne, for resisting arrest and battery to an officer.Suzanne says she was afraid her son was going to die in the driveway.

"He kept hitting my son," she said. "Punching him in the jaw and chest. My son's dentures fell out on the driveway."

Officer Knepper has a history of problems. He's been named in two separate lawsuits.One family claims Knepper burst into their home and brutally attacked a 17-year-old teen and then falsely arrested him.The other lawsuit involves a store clerk who says Knepper violated his civil rights when the clerk had to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon.And this Isnt' the first time Stevens has been in trouble. He was booked into the St. Joseph County jail 11 times in the last 10 years. One of those older arrests was for resisting arrest.

WSBT's Kelli Stopczynski continues to dig deeper into this story for us. She'll tell you more about that tonight at 5 and 6 and right here on

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