Man shot at Elkhart's Washington Gardens


A late night shooting in Elkhart sent one man to the hospital.

Police found a man outside the Washington Garden Apartment Complex, off of West Indiana Avenue.

He had been shot in the leg.

Police got a call just before 9 last night and were originally dispatched to the 350 block of Garfield Avenue.There, officers found drugs and a gun.

But some neighbors flagged down police to go to another location, about a block away, where a man was in the parking lot of the Washington Gardens Apartment Complex.

Investigators say he had been shot in the leg and may have had other injuries.

Police focused on a yellow car in the parking lot, they also found some clothing at that crime scene and were also seen talking with residents for information about this shooting.

Some people in the area reported hearing several gun shots fired, before police arrived.

The Elkhart City Police Department has not released the name of the victim.

We do know he was taken to Memorial Hospital, but we do not know his condition at this time.

We are hoping police will release more details Saturday.

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