Many are in shock and disbelief about deadly fire in Three Oaks


The news of the fatal fire is hitting close to home for many people in the close-knit community of Three Oaks.

Melody Schrader says she's related to one of the victims.

She says her husband's cousin died in the fire.

Schrader adds, "It hasn't quite hit totally yet but I had to make some phone calls to the family."

She works at the Elm Street Bistro in downtown Three Oaks which is just a few blocks from the deadly fire.

She says, "I know it was devastating this morning. I was bringing my daughter into school and seeing the block blocked off by the fire trucks knowing any one of those houses in that block and everybody in that block."

The house is right across the street from the post office and just about everyone said they knew the people who lived there including Tammy Hellenga who says, "Now I think the shock is really going to hit a lot of the people. Being a small town of Three Oaks everyone will reach out to the family."

Hellengafondly remembers how the older couple who lived there would have decorative lights on their home year-round.

She says they were very sweet people who would wave to her all the time.

Hellenga says, "Knowing that as I drop my mail off as I just did today I will never see them in the summertime sitting on their front porch. just such a tragic loss"

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