Michigan Activity Pass connects people with hundreds of free, discounted activities


Are you looking for something fun to do this summer that doesn't cost much?

There's a new program that lets people get into state parks, museums and other places for free or at a discount.

It's called the Michigan Activity Pass.

It connects people with hundreds of things to do throughout the state.

All you need is a valid library card from a library in Michigan.

M.A.P. features close to 400 places and several events that people can get into for free or at a discounted rate.

Jennifer Ray is the director of Cass District Library in Cassopolis.

She says, "I've lived in this state all my life and sometimes I oh golly I didn't realize that just around little Scottville, Michigan or something here's all these wonderful things I can see and do that I have never done before."

You start by putting in your location.

Ray says, "You can click on more info to see which kinds of offers they're giving patrons."

If you find something you like you just print off the pass.

Jen Lester lives in Cassopolis.

Lester says, "It really fits into the needs for my family to have fun at a reduced cost. And, enjoy the state that we live in."

This program is offered year-round.

The other nice thing about it is if you're visiting another part of the state you can still look for free or discounted activities.

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