Michigan City day care owner charged in death of 5-year-old boy


A grieving mother feels like justice is now served.

Charges are filed against the owner of a Michigan City day care where a 5-year-old boy accidentally hanged himself.

Tricia Calvin is the day care owner and she's charged with two felonies.

LaPorte County Prosecutors charged the 43-year-old with involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide.

Some people we spoke to think the charges are fitting but others say they are too harsh.

In June 5-year-old Amareon Williams was rushed to the hospital after his neck got tangled in a jump rope hanging from an outdoor play set at Tricia's Playhouse in Michigan City.

Police say the only two caregivers at the day care were inside when it happened.

Amareon eventually died.

Anita LeFlore is the boy's mother. Her attorney is Mark Novak and he says, "Anita LeFlore, the mother, received a call this afternoon from the lead detective investigating this incident on behalf of Michigan City police indicating that charges were going to be brought against 3 different people. The owner of the facility as well as the two women who were in attendance that day."

Novak says his client has always felt that the people who were in charge of caring for children at the day care should be held responsible for what happened.

He adds, "She expressed to me that she had tremendous satisfaction that justice was finally going to be done."

Angel Pahl used to live near Tricia's Playhouse.

She thinks the charges against Tricia Calvin are fair because she says it was her business and her responsibility.

Pahl says one time she was walking by the day care and witnessed something disturbing.

She says, "The younger kids were darting out the front door where the boulevard is and would get to the sidewalk before an adult would even come out."

Tim McCorkle knows Calvin and used to help out and do odd jobs at the day care when needed.

He doesn't agree with the charges.

He says, "It was an accident in my eyes. Children do things, you know, you can't watch them 100 percent of the time."

A warrant was issued for Tricia Calvin's arrest.

We called Michigan City Police and asked if Calvin had been arrested yet or if she turned herself in.

An officer told us no.

LeFlore's attorney plans on sitting down with police and prosecutors early next week to find out the exact details of what their investigation revealed.

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