Mishawaka family continue to search for missing son

37-year-old Jonathan Hamby

A Mishawaka family is asking for your help to find their missing son. 37-year-old Jonathan Hamby has been missing for nearly three months.

He was last seen wearing a red Indiana University t-shirt, blue jeans, and a jacket.

Hamby's family and friends haven't heard from him at all. They say that's unlike him.

Hamby's parents say they've never gone more than two or three days without hearing from their son.

The family is asking anyone with information to speak up.

Hamby was known by his family as a caring, funny guy who loved to read, had a strong sense of faith and loved Notre Dame sports.

“He would always fill me in on who's the new recruit, who's injured,” said his mother, Cordia Hamby.

She cherishes those memories.

"I think a lot of times of the nights where we would sit on the sofa and have popcorn together and it's hard to think about these things because it brings on these emotions,” she said.

On February 23, Jonathan told his parents he was going to spend the night with some friends. That was the last time they saw him.

A few days later, his bank account and credit cards stopped being used and his cell phone was turned off.

His parents say he was driving a black BMW and last seen with an acquaintance on February 26.

"I of course started checking everything when he didn't come home. Every morning we would get up and we would immediately check the garage because that's where he would always park the car,” his mother said.

Police say there are few leads and don't believe there's any foul play.

Detectives filed a search warrant with a cell phone company to obtain copies of Jonathan's text messages but still haven't gotten the information.

"If this was a crime it would it be quicker, more than likely, and that's unfortunate,” said Lt. Tim Williams with Mishawaka Police.

"It's hard to say as a parent that you don't know if your son is dead or alive," his mother said.

But the Hamby's aren't giving up hope

"That we can find him one way or another, however, that way might be so that we can know in our hearts where Jonathan,” she said.

Hamby's parents say he has had periodic issues with alcohol and drug addiction in the past and has served jail time because of it.

He is not considered violent or dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mishawaka police at (574) 258-1684.

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