Moms First: Charities raising money to help new mothers year round

Hannah's House // WSBT 22

As we approach Mother's Day and honor the special women in our lives, there's a local agency that is helping mothers change their lives for the better, year round.

Hundreds will gather Wednesday for the Women of Hope luncheon. It raises funds for Hannah's House and Bridge of Hope.

Paqui Kelly, Co-founder of the Kelly Cares Foundation, is this year's woman of hope honoree. She says this is a charity close to her heart.

“To be honored by them it's a big deal personally but also because our Kelly Cares Foundation is new,” she said. "There is still a great need for people to have a helping hand at a time when they need it the most and to try and break the cycle of single-parent homes."

Hannah's House gives pregnant women a safe place to live during their pregnancy and after the baby is born the Bridge of Hope program mentors them and helps them become independent.

"Ok, I have the baby now but there still more work to do and it allows him that opportunity that safe place to still grow and be safe,” said Kelly.

Hannah's House maternity home is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week, all year long giving the women someone to turn to any time.

"Some of these points are pivotal points for people having that ability to help them right then and there for that six months or 18 months,” said Kelly. “It could be the difference of them not making it on their own."

Kelly says she's hopeful that Hannah's House and Bridge of Hope are helping change lives one woman at a time.

"I think it's an open door at a time when you feel like they're closing. It’s appropriately named Hope,” Kelly said. “They still have those dreams. I think that's the kind of passion and grassroots that we give in this community."

Hannah's House and the Bridge of Hope program have an annual budget of just over a half a million dollars a year to run all of the facilities and they don't receive any government funding. It's all through private and church donations.

Fundraisers like the "Women of Hope" luncheon are really crucial. You can send donations HERE.

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