Moms First: Give Local supports your favorite charities

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In one week, dozens of local charities will be asking for your donation, but for a big reason. The event is called Give Local.

Give Local is one of the largest giving events of the year for non-profit organizations in St. Joseph County. All the money raised on May 9 will then be increased by a share of the $2.4 million provided by the St. Joseph County Community Foundation

"It's a great tool for some of our smaller non-profits to promote their work and attract new donors that they continue to work with in the future," said St. Joseph County Community Foundation President Rose Meissner.

Meissner says the Give Local campaign will make a huge difference for 67 participating non-profits.

"It's a one-day giving event on May 9th, and they will all raise as much money as they can, and the more money, the bigger share they will get for a $2.4 million matching pool," Meissner said.

All donations to the St. Joseph County Community foundation are 100 percent tax deductible.

"It’s a charitable endowment for St. Joe County. We receive gifts ourselves, and then we invest those gifts, and then we use investment earning to support local charities,” Meissner said.

Most, 75 percent, of the money raised on May 9 will support the non-profit's current programming, and the other 25 percent will go into permanent endowment with the community foundation, increasing support for the non-profits.

“We were delighted to do it this year because it’s the foundation’s 25th anniversary. We won't do it every year, but we thought it was a great way to celebrate our first quarter celebration,” Meissner said.

Gifts can be made by stock, IRA assets, check or credit card online. If giving by check, make sure to write your favorite charity in the memo line of the check. For more information on how you can get involved check out

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