Moms First: Mommy Stroller Meetup

Elkhart County Parks is organizing Mommy Stroller Meetups

Connecting through social media is becoming more and more the norm. A new local program is hoping to take out the tech and add old fashioned face-to-face fun.

It's called the Mommy Stroller Meetup, and it takes place at the Upper Field in Ox Bow park in Elkhart County. The purpose is to explore the outdoors and get a chance to meet new friends in person.

"Babies are welcome. We ask that they are five and under and that they bring their strollers and the kids can be in the strollers while moms walk. We also have two playgrounds around the loop,” said Elkhart County Parks Department Event Coordinator Rachel Cunningham.

Cunningham is fresh back from maternity leave and says she is passionate about this new program.

"With this group it's more about community and connection and making those friends because postpartum time can be really hard and can be kind of lonely, and if you don't have a community and a tribe it can make it even harder," Cunningham said.

The Mommy Stroller Meetup takes place most Mondays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and is open to all caregivers, not just moms.

"There's a lot of programming for moms in the Mishawaka and South Bend area. Where we are at in Elkhart and Goshen it can be a little harder to find meet up groups. So for me, it was really important to bring that to my community,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham says face to face connections are crucial for new moms.

"These days, we’re connecting so much online, and we're doing social media and that kind of stuff, but to have real-world connections on a daily basis or weekly basis is really important for new moms,” Cunningham said.

The program is open to everyone, and the Elkhart County Parks Department does ask that you register for the first time. For more information, check the department’s website or its Facebook page. The next meetup is May 22.

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