Moms First: Stanley Clark School offers summer camp for preschoolers


The end of school is approaching, which means it's time for parents to find fun activities to fill the long summer days. Most summer camps and programs are for elementary age children, but what about the younger kids? Stanley Clark School in South Bend offers a summer camp for preschoolers.

Jess Loyd, a teacher and summer camp director at Stanley Clark, says she loves how unique Stanley Clark’s program is.

"The camps all cover art to music, but there will also be inquiry based on a child. If they come in and they are interested in bird they start a bird segment where they look at birds,” Loyd said.

The six-week program starts June 19 and you can sign up for one week at a time. You can do a morning or afternoon session, or you can do an all day camp as well.

There's lots of hands-on exploring, and each day is different and documented through a daily blog for parents to view.

"Because we follow their interest, I think they feel valued. I think they feel like the whole camp was about them and what they wanted to learn about," said teacher Sara Lotter.

The camp preschool program starts at age three but also has summer programs from first grade through ninth grade.

"We have robotics. We have 3-D printing, baking -- because you can't forget the value of baking and what you learn with math -- lots of arts, it's a really well-rounded program," Lotter said.

Loyd says she loves how the campers explore and engage in new ways that help them learn and grow during the summer.

"We have a wonderful facility, excellent teachers that truly love the children, and you can see it in their day-to-day actions. You can see it when they arrive," Loyd said.

For more information on the summer preschool programs at Stanley Clark School at

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