Mother, grandmother face charges in Michigan City toddler's death


New information surrounding the death of a 2-year-old Michigan City boy.

WSBT first reported Tuesday that 22-year-old Tommy Shannon is facing murder and battery charges for abusing his girlfriend's son.

The coroner says 2-year-old Nizier Brown was badly beaten in August and died from blunt force trauma to the stomach.

Shannon's mother, Derris Baylor, was charged with NOT reporting abuse and obstruction of justice.

Originally the toddler's mother, 24-year old Regina Brown, was charged with neglect of a dependent but now also faces charges of murder and battery.

Nizier who lived on East 7th street was taken to the hospital on August 13. He died from severe physical abuse.

Neighbors were shocked.

"Oh my goodness. That is heartbreaking when I see the kids they was happy, they was playing, they were well dressed and everything seemed to be okay."

According to court documents, Brown died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

Leslie Santana, who lived next door to the little boy and his family, said she had no idea abuse was happening until it was too late.

"They had set up a cross on the porch with candles and stuff and it was out there for a while," Santana said.

An autopsy shows the boy had been abused repeatedly.

"They were good kids, they didn't make any messes or do anything that any other kids would do." Santana stated.

Authorities say both women knew the abuse was happening.

Neighbors say, "It makes me feel really bad. Kids, they expect us to protect them and take care of them and they don't know any better. Only thing they know about is playing and having a good time, so we as adults has to watch out for the children."

Regina Brown's two other children have been placed in foster care.

Both Brown and Shannon Jr. have court hearings scheduled for next Tuesday.