NBA star donates presents to kids in Benton Harbor


An NBA superstar was spreading holiday cheer today in Benton Harbor.

Kids at the Boys and Girls Club got the chance to meet Wilson Chandler but he had an even bigger surprise for the children.

He donated thousands of dollars of his own money to pay for presents for the children.

The gifts were wrapped and broken up into age groups and today Chandler gave them out to some very excited kids.

Dezahrae Burton was one of the children who got a gift from Wilson Chandler.

She says, "It makes me feel like there are some people in the world who actually care about other people besides themselves and that they really want to help others."

The kids lined up anxiously waiting to meet Chandler and get their present.

Chandler is from Benton Harbor and participated in the boys and girls club when he was younger.

He decided giving out presents would be a good way to show his love for the community.

Chandler says, "This is a small town so i know a lot of these guys personally. I like to come home and just give back to the kids and see a smile on their faces."

Chandler says they tried to buy a variety of gifts like tablets and other toys to appeal to a wide range of ages.

The kids weren't allowed to open their presents until they got home but you can bet they were shaking the boxes and trying their best to guess what was inside.

Chandler realizes for many kids this may be the only present they open this year which makes it all the more special.

He says, "Just in the kids i see a lot just being around because it's basically the same as me when i was growing up not much to do so hopefully I can inspire someone."