No more long, cold, waits for the school bus in South Bend thanks to new GPS bus tracker


Students are headed back to school today and while the temperature is about 20 degrees warmer right now than it was yesterday at this time, it is still bitterly cold. That means many of those students, will be standing in the cold to wait for the school bus. Thanks to a new GPS bus tracking program, students in South Bend don't have to stand at that bus stop for very long.

The "MyStop" program is being offered by the South Bend Community School Corporation. It is completely free for parents.

You will be able to access the "MyStop" program from your computer or by smartphone on the corporation's website.

Outside it is bitterly cold, but inside it is nice and warm. And that is where 11-year-old Max McCoy and his two neighbors will stay until their South Bend school bus gets closer. Max's mom, Jo McCoy, is able to track their bus from her smartphone thanks to a new app offered by the South Bend Community School Corporation. This way, they get to their bus stop in time and they are not outside for very long.

"It's been great because I can send them out about two minutes before the bus is headed into our neighborhood so they aren't standing out there in the cold or the rain," says McCoy.

Here is how it works: you can access the program from your computer or smartphone by going here:

Log in using your child's student ID number as the username and password. Then watch as the bus moves across town. You can see if the bus is running on time, early or late. And you can track the bus from the time it leaves the bus parking lot, gets to your stop and then arrives at school.

The new program has saved the transportation department time because parents don't have to call in as often with questions about bus arrival times. And parents, like Jo McCoy, feel safer knowing they can keep tabs on their children, to and from school everyday.

There is about a minute delay, so transportation officials warn parents not to wait until the bus is showing at their stop to send the kids out.

This costs parents and taxpayers nothing.

For more info or to change your password, go here: