Officer shoots 1 of 2 dogs accused of mauling other animals to death


A police officer shoots and kills a dog in Buchanan.

Before the shooting police say that dog and another got loose and mauled a cat and a smaller dog to death.

It happened Saturday morning.

A statement from the chief of Buchanan Police was posted on the City of Buchanan's Facebook page.

The owner of the dogs accused of mauling the other animals says she's sorry but she doesn't agree with how police handled the situation.

Lynn Morris says, "I loved him very much and now this happened. I tried to be protective. I did everything I could to protect him."

He had his cat Grayson out on the porch early Saturday morning.

He left the door open so he could keep an eye on him.

Morris says he first saw one dog and then two.

Before he knew it one of the dogs used its mouth to grab Grayson.

Morris says he heard his cat screaming and crying as the dogs ran down the street.

He says, "He was the only member of my family I had left that lived with me. In other words he was my family."

Grayson's dead body was found down the street.

While Morris was giving a Buchanan police officer his statement the two dogs ran across the street.

The officer followed and police say the two dogs were mauling a dog named Snowball.

Snowball also died.

The officer says he yelled at the dogs and one of them ran at him.

He shot the dog twice and it died.

Sade Blackwell is the owner of two dogs accused in the attacks and she says, "I definitely didn't want this to happen. If I could take it all back I wouldn't want it to happen. I don't want to see any animals dead. I love animals"

Blackwell says the officer shot and killed her lab mix named Capache.

She still has her pit bull Stacks.

Police say Capache was five feet away from the officer when he fired his gun but Blackwell says Capache wasn't being aggressive and was walking to his dog house when the officer killed him.

She says, "I feel like my dog could've been pepper sprayed. He could've got hit with a nightstick or anything. He didn't have to get shot."

The incident remains under investigation by the Berrien County Sheriff's Department and Berrien County Animal Control.

It's not clear yet if the owners of the dogs will face any charges or what will happen to Stacks.