One injured after fire at PARR Technologies in Elkhart

A 600 gallon tank of mineral spirits caught fire Friday morning at Parr Technologies in Elkhart.

One employee was transported to a hospital from the scene with minor burns. A first responder said the employee had been splashed by a chemical.

The company's website says it makes taps, adhesives, sealants, and water-based coatings.

The company was evacuated while close to 15 firefighters went into the building to suppress the fire.

Elkhart Fire Chief Chad Carey said his crew worked to put the blaze out quickly as it was near a 4,000 gallon tank of a more flammable chemical.

About a dozen employees were standing outside the building late Friday morning as fire crews cleaned up the scene.

Carey thought the firefighters would be finished by about noon and that Parr would be able to reopen in a couple days.

No dangerous chemicals were released, he said.

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