OUR MICHIANA: Ignition Music Garage


Everywhere you look there is a story to be told in Michiana. It could be a person doing amazing things or even a place you have to experience. We found one of those places located in Goshen and it's part of Our Michiana. It is a must see destination for music lovers.

Sometimes it all begins with a spark. " I started with my own record collection of all things," says Steve Martin. And that turned on the Ignition. " We'll open just about anything and put it on the stereo if you want to hear it," added Martin.

Martin Founded Ignition Music Garage in 2012. He converted an old auto garage, stocked it with inventory, and put in a broadcasting booth for Goshen College radio station 91.1 The Globe. There are more than 13-thousand new and used Lp's, Cd's and music DVD's to choose from.

When the sun goes down, Ignition is transformed into an intimate setting to hear some great live music. On this Saturday night the band Los Colognes brought their East Nashville sound to Michiana.

" To have promoters like Steve Martin here, he's active in the community. People look to him to bring new things and new ideas to the town," said Los Colognes drummer Adam Mortenson.

Max seating is about 150, so you're right there next to the stage.

" These are people who have played the tonight show, Conan O'Brien. We've had grammy nominees, the Canadian equilivent Juno award winners," said Martin.

Ignition Music garage in Goshen, part of Our Michiana that's worth checking out. But leave your ipod at home.

" The internet experience is the musical equivalent of fast food. We're trying to be a higher quality experience, " added Martin.