Players could face disciplinary action after brawl at high school football game


Four high school students could face disciplinary action from the IHSAA after an apparent fight at a football game.

Referees suspended the season opener for South Bend Washington and Michigan City High School at halftime after IHSAA officials said it wouldn't be safe to continue.

A video has been circulating since the incident happened on Friday night showing players interacting with each other during the incident.

Since Friday, both schools submitted reports to the IHSAA and will learn the fate of the four players and possibly school consequences, at a meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

But what officials are still remaining hushed on is what sparked the apparent fight and which players could be involved.

Stan Wruble is on the South Bend School Board and hopes this will be a learning experience for all student athletes.

"It's a violent sport. It's a contact sport. Emotions run high. It was the first game of the year," Wruble said. "We are dealing with 15, 16, 17 year old kids."

Four of those kids are mentioned in the referee's report, according to the South Bend Director of Athletics, two from each school. It's unclear if those individuals will face consequences yet.

"What we try to gear our corrective measures to is address our measure towards an educational moment," said IHSAA Commissioner, Bobby Cox. "Where students, coaches, fans can make a learning moment from these incidents and move forward with a better posture of sportsmanship."

Punishments could range from individual suspension, to suspension of a school's membership from the IHSAA, to probation or monetary fines.

Michigan City's principal says the decision to call the game was ultimately decided by the referees in the name of safety.

"It was best for them to call the game at that time," said Michigan City High School Principal, Wendel McCollum.

Both schools want this to be a teachable moment for their student athletes.

"Whatever we gain from it or whatever the consequences are my main thought is that I'm wanting, expecting it to not happen again," McCollum said.

Information is expected to be released to the public following the schools meeting with the IHSAA. They'll also decide how to rule the game; anything from a no contest to a double forfeiture.

Both teams are practicing as normal this week out on the football field.