Plumbers flooded with calls about bursting pipes


Bursting pipes can happen even with temperatures warming up.

Households, businesses and churches are all cleaning up the mess left behind by bursting pipes and some plumbers say the worst may be yet to come.

On our Facebook page we asked if anyone had pipes burst within the last two days.

Pamela says, "Hot water pipe froze and busted. took out living room ceiling at 4:30 this morning."

Erica wrote, "Just now starting to replace three joints."

Joyce says, "Ours didn't but I know four people who weren't so lucky.

The owner of Niezgodski Plumbing says in just one day they've taken more than 50 calls and most were connected to broken pipes.

David Niezgodski says, "There was just not much hope for a lot of different lines because this was just the worst we've seen in maybe 20 years."

The reason why now is such a problematic time is because of how the pipes react when thawing.

He says, "When it froze it expanded so when it thaws if it caused when it expanded any joints to crack it wouldn't have showed up with the ice in it and now when it unfreezes if it bursts it's going to do just that."

The best advice is to be very cautious.

Inspect your pipes for cracks or any sign of water leaks and also listen for water dripping or running.

Don't just focus on the faucets inside.

He says, "If there's a hose on an outside faucet take that hose off because that is one of the worst things on a faucet that they call an anti-freeze faucet you leave a hose on it it can freeze because it doesn't allow that water to drain out."

The best line of defense is to let faucets run to prevent the pipes from freezing in the first place and open cupboards to let warmer air circulate around the pipes.

Also, pay close attention to pipes that may be in an area that isn't well insulated like a crawl space.