Police charge man arrested in Mishawaka drug raid


A man arrested following a Mishawaka drug raid has been charged.

Quinton Troy Ferguson, 24, was one of nine people arrested Thursday afternoon on the 100 block of E. 6th Street after police raided a house for heroin.

Ferguson is being charged with Dealing in a Narcotic Drug, Dealing in Cocaine, and Possession of Cocaine or a Narcotic Drug While in Possession of a Firearm. He is currently being held on a $10,000 cash bond.

Others arrested include:

Anthony Malone, 25

Amy Kahlenbeck, 38

George Minarik, 26

Sheaunta Hardmett, 24

Zachary Lederer, 23

Airen Haynes, 20

Two others were picked up in a car driving away from the scene, but police did not release their names.

Police say their investigation into the home began 30 days ago and quickly escalated when SWAT and Metro Special Operations Section served a search warrant for drugs.