UPDATE: Eight overdoses in 24 hours in LaPorte County

LaPorte County police are warning residents of a dangerous batch of heroin.

The police faced eight overdose cases within just a 24-hour period Friday into Saturday. Two of the overdose victims have died, say police.

One of the deceased was a 58-year-old woman who overdosed in a home on U.S. 6. A man who emergency responders rushed from a Montrose Street address in LaPorte also died.

"We've seen spikes in overdose cases around Indiana and the rest of the United States and it appears as though we are suffering the same fate as many other communities," said LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd. "We encourage anyone that knows of a person struggling with a heroin addiction to watch over them closely, seek whatever assistance is available to you and monitor them every minute of the day."

Police say three other victims are now recovering thanks to the quick efforts of first responders.

Multiple doses of Narcan were used.

As of now, the police say they are not sure what harmful combination of drugs are causing the near-death overdoses.

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