Police, family want community's help in Steven Kraft case


It's been almost 13 years since 12-year-old Steven Kraft Junior disappeared.

The case went cold but police and family aren't giving up.

The leads in the case have started to dwindle so police want people to think back to February 15th, 2001 and call them if they have any information about Kraft's disappearance.

There is an image of what he might look like now at the age of 25.

Police and family are asking for people to come forward with any information they may have.

The Chief of Police for the Benton Township Police Department says no matter how insignificant you might think a piece of information is it could be the detail that helps tie up loose ends.

Back in 2001 Kraft was last seen near his home in Benton Township walking his two dogs.

The dogs were found but he was not.

Investigators continue to use new technology and work with outside agencies but they insist the best help comes from community tips.

Kraft's older sister Jodi says every year on his birthday they make a chocolate cake with the hope that he will be there for the next one.

She says, "Steven I need you to be brave today. I need you to reach out to us. Please if you can get to a phone even for a few moments call 911 and say your name even if you do not know where you are. we will find you I promise."

If you have any information regarding the Steven Kraft Junior case you can call the Benton Township Police Department at 269-926-8221.

Or you can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-7867.