Police look for suspect in school burglary


South Bend Police are looking for the person or people suspected of breaking into Veritas Academy and stealing from students and staff. The director of education says they stole checks, more than 30 laptops and personal belongings.

School officials reported the burglary to police on Monday, January 27th. They say the suspect completely ransacked the building. Papers, files and broken glass were all over the floor.

It was so bad administrators cancelled school that day for the 130 students. They're now discussing an increase in security, but their main focus is getting back to normal and staying focused on education.

"We recognize that things like this happen and unfortunately it happened to us, but we take it as a learning experience to be able to move on," said Germaine Smith, director of education.

The suspect stole checks that were from parents. Smith says all parents have been made aware of the burglary and told to contact their banks.

The school is also working on replacing the laptops. Fortunately, it does have insurance to help cover the losses and damage.