Police scam a misunderstanding


St. Joseph County Police have been alerting the public about a scam on their Facebook page, where individuals are supposedly going to door-to-door attempting to solicit funds disguised as local law enforcement.

However, after digging deeper into the story, it is more of a misunderstanding between local law enforcement and the Indiana Police Officers Association (IPOA) based in Indianapolis.

The IPOA has been making calls in the area, particularly to local businesses, soliciting donations for different state police fundraisers.

The misunderstanding arose when one solicitor implied he was with South Bend and St. Joe County law enforcement. That is not true and when other IPOA employees would visit businesses to collect the checks, their casual, non-police attire, made some businesses think they were involved in a scam.

As for the solicitor who misrepresented the organization, he has been reprimanded and terminated from his duties with the IPOA.

St. Joseph County Police are hoping that the recent donations do not negatively impact their upcoming fundraiser, which starts on July 1 and is being handled by SDY Promotions out of Mishawaka.