Police warn drivers to slow down for construction zone near school


Slow down and watch out.

Police say keep those two things in mind when driving through any school zone.

Mishawaka Police are raising awareness about one particular area that is under construction.

We're talking about part of Harrison Road east of Capital Avenue.

The road construction goes for about a mile right by Hums Elementary School.

Some parents are worried about their children and police are pleading with drivers to help keep kids safe.

School is back in session at Hums Elementary but this time the road out front is under construction.

Nicole Banks' two daughters go to Hums and she says, "Even on the sides of the roads they have those big weeds and i could see how a kid could easily get hit."

She says she's frustrated by the construction because it's inconvenient and dangerous.

She's looking forward to when the project is over.

Banks adds,"It's not easy to even go for a walk down here because again you're so close to the road and that little sidewalk is very small."

The speed limit in parts of the construction zone is 30 miles per hour but when you're near Hums you enter a school zone and the speed limit goes down to 20.

If you're caught speeding you could face a fine of up to $1,000 and eight points on your license.

Lt. Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police Department says, "It's really rough and uneven in spots. So, you're going to want to slow down according to the actual road conditions and not just because it's an actual construction zone."

He says children are unpredictable so for their safety it's important that drivers pay attention at all times.

He says stay focused on the road and not on things like your cell phone.

Lt. Williams adds, "The construction zone is really tight. The lanes are narrow so you're driving kind of close to other cars driving the opposite way. Plus, you have pedestrian traffic. So, put away the distractions."

The principal of Hums says a letter was sent home to parents with recommendations of safe routes for the kids who walk or bike to school.

Dennis Jastrzembski's granddaughter goes to hums and he appreciates all the precautions that are being taken.

He says, "I actually think the City of Mishawaka did a good job with the police department out there. They're out there all the time whether there's construction or not."

Police say it's also important to pay attention and slow down for the safety of construction workers.

The principal says work on the south side of the road should be done by September 15th and the north is expected to be finished by November 15th.