Police warn of water softener repairman scam in South Bend


South Bend police are warning residents of a recent scam involving a water repairman on the city's east and south side.

Investigators say a white male in his 50's shows up at the home of an elderly person unannounced and, through a combination of persistence and mild intimidation, convinces the homeowner to let him perform "maintenance" on their water softener.

Police say the man fumbles around for a few minutes and claims the softener has been cleaned. He then charges the homeowner $50-70.

Officials warn residents that this is a scam. Investigators want to catch the man in the act or stop him immediately after or while he has the victim's payment on his person.

If you are confronted by this individual or know his true identity, please call the police department at 574-235-9201 or submit a tip to Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.