'Project Search' offers those with disabilities an opportunity to work in the community


Finding a job can be difficult. An Elkhart organization is helping those with disabilities find work in their community.

This is the sixth year they've offered these services.

"Project Search" is a program individuals get training for the workforce through ADEC, based in Elkhart.

After a year, graduates then search for jobs that best fit their skills. All while helping businesses in the community.

20-year old Jordan Wilson spent a year training with Project Search in hopes to finding a job he's passionate about.

"It's very amazing. I am very cheerful about coming here. I'm like 10 to 2. I don't just do boxes, I screw in feet into the couches and sweep the floors a lot,” said Wilson.

Wilson has been working at Lippert Components in South Bend since January. The company is a supplier for vehicles and residential housing industries.

Wilson says he's learned a lot so far.

"I learned to be on time. Be efficient and respectful to my employees,” said Wilson.

In the last year, ADEC has helped more than 40 employers in Elkhart and St. Joseph County fill open positions.

ADEC says their clients apply to jobs themselves.

"So his job coach helped him fill out the application, set up the interview. But he did it all on his own. He came in and interviewed. He got the job on his own now we provide on-going coaching services just to help him learn any new tasks that may come up,” said Senior Management of Community Employment at ADEC, Sara Howard.

Scott Mantyla, General Manager of Lippert, says Wilson has already made an impact on his employees.

"The best part is seeing the team that he works with. Because Jordan comes in four hours after they do so he's kind of a breath of fresh air. He's always got a smile on his face and they get excited to see him,” said Mantyla. “They know that he's here to help them do their jobs more efficiently."

Project Service is set up at Memorial Hospital.

ADEC clients learn skills by working with different hospital services so they're already trained when applying for jobs in the community.

Learn more about job opportunities here:

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