Prosecutors plan to try Wayne Kubsch for the third time

Prosecutors plan to try Wayne Kubsch for the third time

It's a new chapter in a decades-long story. The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office announced it will retry Wayne Kubsch.

He was convicted in 2000 of three counts of murder for killing his wife Beth, her ex-husband Rick Milewski, and their 10-year-old son Aaron Mileski. This will be his third trial.

The brutal killings happened in 1998. When he was first convicted in 2000 he received the death sentence, but that was overturned.

A second trial in 2005, again, ended with a conviction -- a death sentence for Kubsch -- but early this year an appeals court overturned that ruling based on a piece of evidence that the jurors were never shown.

Now, St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter is planning to try him yet again. He's requested Kubsch be brought back to St. Joseph County to begin assisting in his defense.

He is planning to seek the death penalty.

WSBT 22's Diane Daniels reached out to Beth's mother, Diane Mauk, earlier this year.

She said she always wanted Kubsch to get the death penalty, but if he received life in prison she could live with that.

She says it won't bring back her loved ones.

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