Rain impacting corn prices


Local farmers like Phil Zahner say all the recent rain has put a damper on his crops.

"Standing water doesn't do it any good," says Zahner.

Zahner said more rain could mean a higher price of corn for your grocery bill.

That's because too much rain causes corn to become over-saturated. That means the risk is much higher for a corn stalk to tilt over and die.

"A lot of farmers won't ever come out of the heavy rain like this," says Zahner.

Zahner says if the rain continues, farmers and grocery stores will be at a loss. The demand will grow and so too will the prices.

"If we see a yield loss and this continues in a pattern like this, prices go up and that affects people in the grocery store," says Zahner.

Along with all the rain comes weeds. During wet bursts, healthy crops can be ruined by weed growth. They can also be ruined by disease, something that often hits crops during rainy seasons.

Zahner says if the rain stops - crops like corn and soy beans will be on schedule and produce a fruitful harvest.

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