Religious leaders speak out after a shooting inside church


Members of a church where a masked gunman opened fire are speaking out.

The church's drummer was the only person inside at the time.

He managed to get away uninjured.

It happened Wednesday afternoon.

The church doesn't want to think about what could've happened. They just want to thank God for what didn't.A masked gunman walked in through the back of Kingdom Christian Center.

The drummer was getting ready to leave and went to turn the lights off in back.

He saw the gunman.

The suspect fired the gun at the man who ran through the church, out the front door and to a neighbor's house.

Eddie Miller is a bishop of an area church and he says, "We feel violated, and we feel like we need to work just that much harder to push back against the crime element that's trying to give a distorted perspective of our neighborhood."

The church is in a residential area near the intersection of Elwood Avenue and Johnson Street on South Bend's northwest side.

The church also happens to be the headquarters for a group that tries to minimize violence in the city.

Senior Pastor of Kingdom Christian Center, Canneth Lee, says, "This area is not the ghetto. This area is not a bad area. A few bad people does not reflect the whole of everyone in this neighborhood."

Church leaders are confident the gunman will be caught.

Meanwhile, the senior pastor says the church will continue to support the neighborhood and work to prevent violence and the gunman isn't going to change that.