"Not your grandfather's model airplane," Goshen event brings many remote control pilots

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An event known as the "Air Supremacy Over Goshen" wrapped up Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of people from around the country, and even one from Poland, brought their planes to Goshen Municipal Airport.

The people who gathered just to watch the event were all looking up, but it was like taking a step back in time.

"For an aircraft to be eligible to fly here, it was to be a Warbird, which basically means it had to fly in some military campaign," said Chuck Hamilton, the co-founder of the event.

All of the planes are scale replicas of the ones that were used to create history-- the planes used in WWI and WWII.

Ted McClellan came from Michigan. He said building, painting and then flying the planes is something that's just in his blood.

"Some people like race cars, some people like sailboats, and it's just on and on," he said. "I grew up as a child wanting to be involved in airplanes and when I found out I could get in radio controlled airplanes, I was hooked." said McClellan.

Each plane gets its own time in the sky. Some of them can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, and the average wingspan is 100 inches.

"The saying that we have is this is not your grandfather or father's model airplanes, that they were little tiny ones as kids. This is all using the latest technology," said Hamilton.

These pilots admit, some technology has competed with the growth of the hobby, especially with kids, but said the commercial use of drones has helped.

"That exposure drives them to us and it's our responsibility to drive them to the proper channels," Hamilton said.

15-year old Trace Chiodo came from Minnesota, he said he has a passion for planes.

"The Italian World War I bomber is amazing," he said.

That spark of interest is exactly what leaders of the event hope people get out of it-- so that part of history stays alive, one flight at a time.

This is the 5th year of the event, but it's the first time it's ever been held in Goshen.

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